Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Jammies and More

I loved the Christmas jammies for this year. I have sewn them every year since 2001 (I think), but this year I decided to buy them. Maybe sewing jammies for 4 kids just isn't reasonable. With all the good deals out there this year, I was able to buy these cute jammies for possibly what it would have cost me to make them. So, I will re-think the sewing Christmas jammies every year tradition again next year, and we'll see what happens.
Christmas morning was all about the Rockband. There were other gifts, but they all paled next to this one. We played for over an hour before we had to get packed up and ready to start the first leg of our drive to California. Merry Christmas to us!Carly with her 'big' gift: a fancy cash register with a million little pieces that I know I will be picking up over and over in the days to come.
Adam is just too cute. I can't believe he'll be one year old in just a month. He got a musical table which is great entertainment!
Who doesn't love a Hannah Montana Barbie that plays the same 10 seconds of the same song whenever you press a button on her stomach? Yes, Carly got one too. Gotta love it.

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