Sunday, November 23, 2008

7 weird/random things about me

I got tagged to tell 7 weird/random things about myself.  I post, and then I tag seven more people to post.  We'll see if I even can think of 7 people to tag.

1.  I have never done a tag before.  Seriously I have been tagged more times than I can count in emails, and I have never ever responded.  So it is weird that I am doing this one.

2.  I love cruises.  For our honeymoon, we did Cabo/Puerto Vallarta/Mazatlan, for our 10 year anniversary we did Key West/Bahamas/Cozumel, and a year ago we did Cabo/Ensenada with our kids and my parents.  What do I like the most about them?  Well, as a mom, it is HEAVEN to not have to worry about where and when and how the next meal is coming.  Even on other vacations I have to worry about this, but not on a cruise!  So much extra space in the mind freed up for other enjoyments.

3.  Conversely, I love to cook and to bake.  I love to try new things, and I wish my family would love absolutely everything I made.  I guess I just don't like to feel the responsibility of providing food for the family.

4.  I have been running A LOT to lose my baby weight from Adam.  I thought I hated it.  I thought I only did it because I had to and it is the fastest way for me to shed the weight.  Well, last week my treadmill broke, and I had to wait a week to get it repaired.  I just about lost my mind all week because I couldn't use it.  I guess I don't hate it like I thought I did.

5.  I love a bargain.  It's hard for me to like shopping with kids, but I sure do like to find a deal.  I hate paying full price for anything.  I rarely will do it.

6.  My current favorite beverage is Diet Pepsi Vanilla.  It calms me.  I love Dots candy and licorice.  Same effect.  Of course, almost anything chocolate, which I try to eat sparingly because of the nursing thing.

7.  I think I have the loudest kids in the world.  I wonder how it happened, where they got it.  I guess it must be me, because it's certainly not Craig.  I suspect that I may be slightly deaf, because I absolutely can NOT hear the TV when Craig has the remote when we are watching it at night in bed.  Without fail, I have to say, "Turn it up, please."

Sorry if I tag you, I just don't have that many options.  I tag Sheila, Sherrie, Amy Liz, Jen, Melinda, and anyone who reads this who feels like doing it.


Natalie said...

I think my kids are loud also. Hallie alone could probably give all four of your kids a run for their money. I feel like I am constantly reminding her to not yell and use an inside voice.

Motley Mom said...

I just found your blog on Natalie's blog...I'm such a dork!! I will add you to my list of blogs I watch! Sad, but I find out more about my neighbors on their blogs than talking to them! Fun stuff!! Is your treadmill fixed now?? Hope so!

CDuerksen7 said...

Hi Julie. It's been a long time. I happened upon your blog and while reading it, I realized how much, I missed you guys. I should really give your parents a call. You were always like a second family to me. I liked reading your little tag post. That one salad that you made for Thanksgiving one year, my husbands family loves. I still use it all the time. It seems like forever ago. Oh and I still have my toenails polished all the time. I can't believe how big Ashlyn is and your kids are soo cute. Looks like Megan got your mom's hair. I hope all is well
Christine Racacho Duerksen