Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Costumes

This year our family went with classic Halloween characters. It was the first year that Megan and Ashlyn were scary characters. We had a great time trick or treating because Nonnie and Poppie were in town. Plus, the weather was absolutely fabulous, probably 60 degrees, which is wonderful for Halloween. Adam was "Baby Bones." He didn't do any trick or treating, but we had fun dressing him up.
Ashlyn was the "Gossamer Ghost." We saw a costume online called that, but instead of ordering it, we made our own version. It turned out great. You can't see, but her wig is three feet long.
Carly made sure everyone knew she was a "cute witch," not a scary witch. I had made this for Meg when she was 4.
Megan was the Bride of Frankenstein. Her costume turned out great, too, I think.

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