Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Dresses from the Past

I have been sewing the girls' Easter dresses every year since Megan was a tiny baby. I thought it would be fun to post pictures of my past creations on the blog to get me in the Easter dress mode. I almost decided to not make them this year, but tradition has won out. I realize that it won't be much longer before my girls will not want to wear homemade OR matching dresses. So, be on the lookout for the new dresses this Easter Sunday.





Sbankhead said...

WOW!! Super impressed you are very talented!

Amy said...

Julie that is so cool to look back on all the easter dresses you have made. My mom used to do the same thing for me and my two sisters. It is a fun memory all of us have.

leese said...

i think it's time you made me a dress! :)

Amy said...

ok- great skills... but i LOVE seeing them at different ages! how precious!

sherrie said...

do an extra for me, size small. jk. you are amazing.

The Redmond Family said...

Well, first of all, those dresses don't look homemade at all! I'm sure you'll be making prom dresses in a few years. I had decided not to do easter dresses this year either, but now you've inspired me - we'll see.