Thursday, April 16, 2009


This morning Carly slept in much later than usual.  I just let her sleep, which is different from me normally waking her up when I get the girls going.  I mean, who wants to do breakfast and dressing, etc. in shifts?  When she finally got up, I asked her why she slept so late, and if she was extra tired.  She said, "I had to sleep in today because I was up reading last night in my bed "til one!"  I just had to laugh.  She's been saying all kinds of funny things lately, sounding like such a grown-up.  Her new favorite word is "apparently".  She says it all the time.  I was looking all over for Adam's shoes and it was:  "Mom, apparently you didn't remember to bring Adam's shoes."  Or this one, when I was calling her name loudly, "You didn't see that I was right behind you, apparently."  Stuff like that.  Too funny.


Westmoreland Family said...

I love when little kids start using big words! The other day Kallie told me, "this dinner is scrumptious". HA HA! Too funny. Is Carly starting kindergarten this year or next??

Sandy said...

i love carly- i always have little carly stories to tell after a visit with you guys.

sherrie said...

cute carly!