Friday, July 10, 2009

June Catch-Up: Florida Reunion

We spent a week at the end of June on Florida's Gulf Coast with the Hoffman/Henderson family. Craig's grandparents live in Bonita Springs on the beach. The girls had a fabulous time all week with cousin Mariela, who lives in Arizona.

Quite a bit of time was spent on the beach, as opposed to in the water, because the water was uncharacteristically rough. Grandpa Clawson said he had rarely ever seen the waves that big.

We worked on a 1,500 piece puzzle all week, which we glued, mounted, and gave to Nana Clawson. We stayed up until 1:30 am our last night there to finish it. Of course, Craig hid the last piece so he could be the one to put it in!

The kids had fun seeing the ventriloquist perform at Mel's Diner.

One of the week's highlights was a "talent show" put on by all the cousins. The girls did a dance, Mariela sang with Carly, and Wyatt and Teamon even had parts. They set up an "auditorium" on the lanai, complete with assigned seats, tickets, and reminders to "Please turn off all cell phones, and no flash photography." Aunt Lorie helped out as the music technician/stage hand.

Even though the water wasn't great for swimming, the waves made for excellent boogie boarding. In all, I think at least 6 pairs of sunglasses were swallowed up by the rough water, never to be found again.

I didn't get my camera out too often because Buzz always had his out. I'm sure he'll send me a disc with all his photos. It was definitely a memorable week.

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Mary Martha said...

gotta love the beach. looks like fun.