Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Carly's Surgery

On July 31, Carly had an otoplasty (cosmetic ear pinning surgery) on her left ear. It was a corrective surgery to pin back her protruding ear, or her "floppy" ear, as we have always called it. She was born without the stiff cartilage in that ear only, and we always planned to have it fixed before she started school. So, here are some older and some very recent "Before" pictures, as well as some after pictures. She looks great, and we are extremely pleased with the results.On the day she was born. See the ear protruding? It was literally folded down when she came out.This is Carly at 7 months. The one ear definitely sticks way farther out.Here's Carly just days before the surgery. Both the pics above and below were taken at Snowbird this year.

This was taken at the surgical center post surgery. She had to wear this dressing for a few days, then a headband over the ear to hold it back while healing for a couple of weeks.
Here's Carly today!! The results were excellent! We love our Carly, and she says sometimes that she misses her "floppy" ear. I am grateful that she won't have to deal with questions or teasing in the future, and that we live in a medically advanced era where this kind of thing can be fixed so easily (It sure wasn't cheap, however!)


Westmoreland Family said...

I'm glad it turned out so good! She looks great. She looked great before though, I didn't even notice that ear. She is tooooo cute! :)

Janae said...

Looks great. She looks a lot like Craig to me in that picture.

Natalie said...

Carly showed me the last time I saw her, she was so proud. I had a lot of catch-up reading to do on your blog. I just haven't had time to do much blog reading but it looks like you guys had way too much fun this summer;) I am looking forward to Disneyland pictures!

sherrie said...

it's amazing what they can do. you wouldn't even know she had surgery.