Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trying to Catch-up

I've been going back and forth--try to catch up and post pics of all the things I have missed since I last posted on this blog or just skip to now. I decided to try to catch up because one day I plan to print this blog into a book, and I would feel bad if I just left out 3 months of the whole year. We've had vacations, surgeries, birthdays, etc. It just wouldn't be right. So, it may take me a few days, but my goal is to do several posts covering what we have been up to since the end of July.

First up is Snowbird. We have a time-share condo at Snowbird every year at the end of July. We've been going since I was about 5 years old. This year my parents were there, along with my brother Brad, Amy, and baby James. We enjoy being able to see them a bit more since they are in Rexburg. Our very close friends the Stepans also joined us for about half of the week. We had to do everything we usually do: hiking, alpine slide, rock wall, mechanical bull, zip line, etc. It was a blast.
We did a short hike to Lisa Falls with the Stepans on Sunday. We were literally standing right at the bottom of the falls getting wet after a very short hike from Little Cottonwood Canyon Road.
Megan on the climbing wall.
Ashlyn hanging on to the mechanical bull.
This is the group at the top of the Peruvian lift, after you walk through the tunnel.
The men started throwing rocks to hit targets and see how far they could throw. Adam (and everyone else) had to copy them. Luckily, no one else was around so it was relatively safe.
This pic of my dad, Brad, and James was from our hike to Donut Falls with a lot of the Walker cousins.
This is the whole Westmoreland group on the Donut Falls hike.

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Mary Martha said...

Good to see an update. Can I come stay with yall for Halloween? Can we bring sleeping bags and stay a night? We want to trick or treat with the kids so bad. Last year we had a lamo Halloween and don't want to get caught in that trap again. Love ya!